Family Safe - Chemical free

All natural bug repellent

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Two BugOFF repellent choices

Both Chemical free family safe options

1- BugOFF Original formula ( green bottle) has 12 active chemical free ingredients including Tick & mosquito additives for the outdoor enthusiast

50% tick 50% bug additives.

2- BugOFF Lavender formula ( Purple bottle) has 12 active chemical free ingredients for home mosquito repelling use. 85% bug 15% tick additives

There is significant research suggesting that natural ingredients are an effective way to repel ticks and mosquitos DEET FREE. This is good news for people looking to avoid exposure to toxic chemicals, especially young children and pregnant women.

Deer Supply CO has the safe alternative for you BugOFF~ Trusted by families in nearly 50 states.


DSC proudly offers nearly twice as much product  (8 oz) as most competors and we use 12 active ingredients


Chemical Free Bug repellant

Twice as much- 8oz and more active ingredients

12 targeted additives for the outdoor enthusiasts including tick repelling portions.

Whether your hiking, biking, camping or anything outdoors we have the all natural family safe bug repellent for your family!

Helps prevent TICK bites!


Developed by a family with kids outdoors!

Our family cares about your family!

BugOFF Lavender

Chemical Free bug repellent

Nearly twice as much - 8 oz and more active ingredients!

12 mosquito and home bug fighting additives


" Thank you so for offering a safe alternative for our children- mosquito free!"

-South Carolina

"Your products WORK unlike many other natural products on the market! No chiggers after using BugOFF- Next day i forgot to spray and was covered up!"


"We received your products yesterday and WOW AMAZING.. better than I ever expected."

- Iowa

Although rare - It’s possible to have an allergic reaction from the active ingredients in natural products. Before you use any new product, spot-test the product on a small section of your skin and wait an hour or two to make sure that hives or burning sensations do not occur.


Keep away from your eyes and try to avoid use if you have sensitive skin. May cause eye and skin irritation.